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Business Insights

The Marketing Centre Launches 2020 Accelerator Framework

-The CEO’s Step-by Step Programme to Building a Growth Plan-

The Marketing Centre is proud to announce the launch of its first of a kind Do-It-Yourself Accelerator Framework. The programme sets out to make it easy for SME businesses to see clearly the steps needed to take it towards growth.

Designed and road-tested by The Marketing Centre, using the combined knowledge and experience of over 80 Marketing Directors as input, The 2020 Accelerator Framework Programme is available as a downloadable step process, or as a guided free two-hour interactive webinar with accompanying detailed workbook. 

The Framework guides the business owner/director through a series of exercises in order to answer the following questions:

  • How has your context changed?
  • What have you learned about your business?
  • What are the new risks and opportunities?
  • What will you do in response?
  • How does your marketing need to change?

Sally Shuttleworth, CEO of The Marketing Centre SA, said: “As businesses return to operating more normally, many will be looking towards future growth or to reclaim their previous situation as fast as possible. The benefit of the Accelerator Programme is in the sequence and selection of really effective steps specifically designed so a business owner, or his leadership team, will be able navigate through them in order to find the best way forward for the business.

It’s been really tough leading a small or mid-size business through this crisis and trying to visualise the other side is still unclear. So much has changed, with more change to come, and all business owners are in the same situation. There are so many questions, possibilities and difficult decisions to make about the future for businesses and their team. We hope that the Accelerator Plan will bring some control back to business owners and help them set a clearer vision.

There is a lot on the web about what business owners should be doing but very little showing them “how” to do it, so this step by step process is specifically designed for any size of business to help guide a way to developing a practical and effective plan for their business future.

And of course, if a business finds it difficult to do alone, we will have free webinar sessions available to participate in, and the helping hand of one of our experienced team to provide assistance should it be needed. "

The 2020 Accelerator Framework Programme is available online, or as a guided free two-hour interactive webinar  with accompanying detailed workbook.  

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