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South Africa Marketing Matters #3


Marketing Matters from The Marketing Centre is our initiative to provide SMEs with tactics that can be implemented now - it plans to offer insight, hints and tips from our 90-strong marketing directors as well as examples of businesses doing great things.

How can you identify new markets and opportunities?

Video 03 Marketing Matters SA

In this video, Richard Hancock (our London Region Director) discusses some different approaches that you may wish to explore in order to identify new opportunities, including:

  • Ask existing customers how you can help them
  • Identify other markets that may benefit from your products/services/skills/network
  • Identify companies you'd like to do work with, and engage via LinkedIn etc

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More videos coming soon...

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  • What to cut and what to invest in?
  • How best to connect with your customers, what can you do to rebuild rapport?
  • How to make better use of LinkedIn?
  • How are our customers altering their business approach?

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