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Business Insights

The Marketing Centre appoints Marga Schlesinger as part of the Gauteng leadership team

The Marketing Centre provides experienced marketing directors on a part-time basis to successful firms, and we have added to our regional team in Gauteng with the appointment of Marga Schlesinger. We are  a seven-year old business that has pioneered the concept of part-time marketing directors – we have a team of 100+ marketing directors covering three regions in South Africa and nine regions in England and Wales. Year on year growth has dictated the need for expansion of the service across Gauteng which has prompted us to add to our team. "Marga has a passion for life, a strong social consciousness and a curious and energetic nature."

Prior to joining The Marketing Centre, Marga Schlesinger worked with a number of high-profile telecoms and technology companies where she developed the marketing function and built high-performing global marketing teams.  Marga has worked with companies like Siemens Medical Solutions; Amerada Hess Ltd and most recently worked as part of Cloud transformation team, leading change and communication at SASOL and ABSA

Marga graduated from the University of Surrey (United Kingdom) with MSc International Business Management degree and an Honours degree in Marketing and Communications from University of Free State; she has business and marketing experience in various industries throughout South Africa, United Kingdom and UAE.

During her career she developed skills in business strategy, strategic marketing, corporate and internal communications, business growth & brand development, project management, account management, stakeholder engagement and change management.

Marga believes that it is crucial to benchmark the ROI in marketing and that marketing must serve the needs of the business foremost.

Tony Sousa, Regional Director for Midrand and Pretoria in Gauteng says; "We are excited to strengthen our team in Gauteng with a focus on Johannesburg and Sandton. The part-time model is growing in popularity in South Africa. It allows business leaders access to proven marketing experts of the highest calibre who they may not need or be able to afford on a full-time basis.”

The Marketing Centre use a proven system, driven by marketing professionals who typically have over 20-year experience in senior roles. 

We can save you time and money with our part-time approach. Find out more.


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