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Business Insights

Free eBook - Making Marketing ROI (ROMI) Work for Your Business

 We have published an eBook titled Making Marketing ROI (ROMI) Work for Your Business - A step by step guide for business owners.

Return on Marketing Investment is something we are passionate about and we spend a lot of time ensuring that the businesses we work with are seeing a return on their marketing spend. We have compiled a whole lot of this info into an eBook that is in an easy-to-read and download format.

By understanding how our proven part-time Marketing Directors define and measure ROI, you’ll be able to choose the right metrics for your own business’ marketing.

With these metrics, you can construct a marketing dashboard that tracks your marketing spend and what you’re getting back from it. These insights can be used to directly improve your marketing ROI, and therefore your business performance. 

  • We’ll define what ROI is in marketing terms
  • Explain how marketing ROI can be measured
  • And, show you how your marketing ROI can be integrated into your marketing dashboard

 Download the eBook Now:

If you aren't into eBooks, and would prefer a power-packed, quick webinar on the topic we have you covered too, just click on the image below!

View our Return on Marketing Investment Webinar Series - Live Recording

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