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How To Get Real Value From Your Part-Time Marketing Director


Marketing is not a new concept. In fact, marketing as we understand it today actually began as far back as the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. Of course, although the basic concept hasn’t changed, the way in which we do marketing today definitely has. One of the more recent innovations is the advent of the part-time marketing director.

These days, it makes little sense for business owners to invest considerable time and money recruiting and employing a full-time marketing manager, when you could have all the experience and expertise of an industry-leading marketing directorfor approximately the same investment.

The many benefits of working with a part-time marketing director are highlighted in detail in this eye-opening article, but here are two of the key take-outs:

  • Part-time marketing directors don’t get bogged down in corporate drudgery, and are not exhausted by endless meetings and daily commutes. This means they can devote all their energy into achieving real results for the companies they work for.
  • Why employ an average employee, whom you know will only do an average job, just because they’re affordable? A part-time marketing director brings next-level skills to the table, and is available at a fraction of the cost - and none of the hassle - of a full-time employee.

What To Expect From Your Part-Time Marketing Director

Hiring a part-time marketing director is undoubtedly one of the most astute investment a growing business can make. They bring with them massive industry knowledge and experience, coupled with huge transformative potential. What they don’t bring however, is a magic wand. They may be innovative and visionary, but they are not miracle-workers. They still need to work within your budgetary and resource constraints.

The way in which resources are managed is one of the main differences between hiring a full-time (but more junior and less experienced) marketing manager, and hiring a part-time marketing director. To get the full benefit from the latter, you have to be willing to accept their recommendations – spending where they say spend is the only way to reach your commercial goals. This trust is one of the truly unique aspects of the relationship between business owners and their part-time marketing directors.


Because ultimately, effective marketing always requires investment, and savvy marketers always combine long-term plays with quick-wins, all built on a solid foundation. Even those marketing channels that seem “free” – social media, for example – need many hours of strategic planning, and the backup of staff, to ensure content is created, scheduled and monitored every day.


Getting The Most From The Marketing Centre’s Proven Part-Time Marketing Directors

The first thing is to choose a part-time marketing director with a background and approach that’s a good fit for your company. Once you’ve done that, there’s really no time to lose! In order to maximise the value from this exciting new partnership, it’s essential to get started straight away.


Although your part-time Marketing Director is there to help you, there are a few key things you can do to help him or her too.


Embrace Change

All change, even positive change, is stressful to a greater or lesser degree, and most of us are, by nature, resistant to it. We all have our routines that make us feel comfortable, and anything that threatens to take away that comfort is a cause for anxiety. But, when it comes to business, doing things the way they’ve always been done simply to avoid change is a guaranteed shortcut to stagnation.


A part-time marketing director is there to help you achieve growth. This requires change. And, although no one will prescribe change for change’s sake, a skilled marketing director will always be able to identify key areas that need improvement. It is then the combined responsibility of the director and the business owner to effectively communicate the benefits and value of this change to the relevant teams.


Be Engaged In The Process

One of the most important reasons for employing a part-time marketing director is to gain valuable perspective from an expert outsider. Don’t be fooled into thinking that “part-time” means “not committed.” Our directors are not consultants who swan in to your business, dazzle you with flashy reports, and then leave. They are active members of your senior management team and should be considered as such. Confide in your director about your company’s ideas, concerns, strengths and weaknesses. In turn, allow them to share the expertise, knowledge and contacts they’ve built up during their time in the industry.


Be Resourceful

Don’t worry – we don’t expect you to give us all your financial and human resources! The Marketing Centre’s proven part-time marketing directors are very experienced at managing budgets, and fully expect to be held accountable for the cost, performance and ROI of the strategies they implement. Having said that, however, remember that a wise investment is never wasted.


For expert, affordable marketing advice and guidance, talk to us. At The Marketing Centre, our team of highly skilled, part-time proven Marketing Directors is ready to share their abundance of diverse know-how with you. If you’re excited by the prospect of what a part-time marketing director could do for your business, get in touch today.


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