Business Insights

Business Insights

As you would think,  having a large team of highly skilled Marketing Directors provides us with access to an abundance of diverse know-how. We want to share this with you, so you can develop a better understanding of why certain factors work (and how), as well as why they don’t always work out as intended. Above all, knowing what to do next.

    Recent posts of Lucy Hogarth:

    What’s new in marketing for 2016? We asked our Marketing Centre Directors
    While we don’t own a crystal ball here at The Marketing Centre, we do keep a close eye on new developments and evolutions in the world of marketing. So to round off the year, we asked some of our part-time Marketing Directors to speculate on significant changes they foresee for the next 12 months.
    How the Marketing Centre got thrown out of the marketing magic circle
    Let us tell you a secret. There’s an industry dedicated to finding small and medium sized businesses a load of great, qualified leads. This may seem like a mysterious art, a flick of a wand, a few magic words and hey presto, awesome leads. The end result looks like magic. The methodology, like all illusions, is not. It’s time for The Marketing Centre to be thrown out of the marketing magic circle forever…
    Do you have the right marketing people in the right roles?
      Assessing and developing the range of skills that need to be covered by a small marketing team can often take time.

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