Business Insights

Business Insights

As you would think,  having a large team of highly skilled Marketing Directors provides us with access to an abundance of diverse know-how. We want to share this with you, so you can develop a better understanding of why certain factors work (and how), as well as why they don’t always work out as intended. Above all, knowing what to do next.

    Recent posts of Admin:

    Marketing Matters #15 - What business do you want to be during Covid-19?
      Our marketing expert Robert Stead identifies some business behaviour themes and discusses what business leaders can do to make a positive out of a challenging situation.  
    The simple way to measure customer satisfaction
    Most business owners agree that measuring customer loyalty is important. But in our experience, surprisingly few have a system in place. If you don’t have a reliable process for measuring customer satisfaction, you’re going to struggle to improve it.
    Marketing Matters #14 - Do you need to switch marketing channels?
      Our East Midlands Regional Director, Rob Croxall, discusses why businesses should be revisiting their marketing channels and shares some insights into how best to make a switch. 
    Five steps to 5X your sales pipeline in 3 months
    A lot of people think that marketing is all about the long-term. If you need short-term results, you should speak to sales. But while it’s true that marketing often works towards long-term goals, it can drive short-term growth.
    Marketing Matters #13 - Case study: How ICA are helping businesses overcome the challenges of remote working
    Pamela Blanchard from Communications Advisors ICA, discusses how they are helping companies overcome the technology challenges of working remotely.

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