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Business Insights

As you would think,  having a large team of highly skilled Marketing Directors provides us with access to an abundance of diverse know-how. We want to share this with you, so you can develop a better understanding of why certain factors work (and how), as well as why they don’t always work out as intended. Above all, knowing what to do next.

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    Marketing money pits: where are you wasting the most cash?
    Spending £50,000 each year on Yellow Pages ads. Filling skips with unread brochures. Chasing the top spot on Google no matter the cost. Too many businesses burn good money on mind-boggling marketing activity with no proven ROI. Others abandon successful campaigns because they’ve grown bored of them. Our part-time marketing directors have seen countless ways companies waste cash and handicap their own efforts. Find our pick of the worst below – take note!
    Sales and Marketing Director? Split the roles...
    Marketers find the leads; sales personnel convert them. Simple. But often in business, particularly early on, it can be tempting to simply hand over marketing responsibilities to your salesperson, they’re both in the results business, right?
    How can I generate more leads? You don't need to...
    Many of us think new leads = more business, and as a result we’re constantly on the hunt for the new. It’s a natural impulse, but most of the time it’s wrong. We’re not saying new leads aren’t important, of course, but as many as 71% of inbound leads are wasted. The most common question clients ask us is how can I generate more leads? A better question is what am I doing with my current ones? No matter how much water you pour in, a leaky bucket will quickly empty You may like: How The Marketing Centre got thrown out of the marketing magic circle So how can you make sure you’re making the most of what you’ve got? It’s all down to process and quality control.
    What's it actually like working with a part-time Marketing Director?
     The phrase ‘part-timer’ has garnered some seriously negative connotations over the years, all unwarranted and unfair in our eyes. And one of the most common questions our potential clients ask is how a part-timer can handle the workload of a marketing strategy. Can we deliver while only working part-time?
    A dozen questions you need answered about programmatic advertising
      A dozen questions you need answered about programmatic advertising Programmatic advertising is creating quite a buzz at the moment, but what is it? And how can it benefit your business? Our Regional Director, Brian Prescott, investigates.

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