Business Insights

Business Insights

As you would think,  having a large team of highly skilled Marketing Directors provides us with access to an abundance of diverse know-how. We want to share this with you, so you can develop a better understanding of why certain factors work (and how), as well as why they don’t always work out as intended. Above all, knowing what to do next.

    Recent posts of Carolyn Dobbie:

    Brand Agility from Popup Products
    Exemplifying brand agility, one of our clients, Popup Products, reengineered their production facility and went from a business producing high performance indoor and outdoor gazebos and portable branding solutions to, within three weeks of having to shut shop, producing non-woven spunbond face masks.
    Digital Marketing 101: Email Marketing
    If you are not email marketing, it begs the question why. You might have heard the term ‘spray and pray’ and chances are that you may also be frustrated at spending so much time, effort and money to place huge content in as many places as possible,  hoping someone sees it.
    Bringing sexy to the industrial marketing table
      Marketing an industrial service can be like climbing Mount Everest. The purchase cycles are generally long. Decision making processes can be complex. Buyers are rational, systematic and more often than not have a specific and technical set of needs. Markets tend to be geographically concentrated offering fewer buyers compared to consumer markets. Competition is inclined to be fierce. Doesn’t sound very sexy does it?

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